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Mr. Lucien Limacher

Lucien Limacher

Legacy Co-Lead and Johannesburg Acting Regional Director

Lucien is currently the acting regional director for the Johannesburg branch at the Legal Resources Centre. His highest qualification is a masters in environmental law from the University of the Witwatersrand. He also holds an LLB and various post-graduate certificates from various other universities.  He is an admitted attorney of the High Court in South Africa and has been working in the legal sector for approximately ten years. He has worked both in the private and public interest sector as an attorney, an attorney on retainer (effectively operating as an in house counsel) and a researcher. Both the public and private sectors have allowed Lucien to understand and explore multiple facets of complex legal issues, which have required novel thinking to provide concise and effective legal solutions. Some of Lucien’s highlights have been working on the biggest contractual dispute in South Africa (over R 6 Billion), working on various access to water cases, working on protecting the right to food issues, creating governance structures for non-profit organisations, presenting at the United Nations (at the UNHRC and UNEP), making various submissions to the South African Parliament and pioneering advocacy programmes that were in-line with larger legal strategy at the Legal Resources Centre. Lucien is currently looking to pursue a masters in science on sustainable development from the University of London (SOAS) as he believes it is a critical sector in combating poverty and uplifting communities.”